**MCIIFF 2016 Will Be On HIATUS**

* Submissions must be inspiring, moving, uplifting and innovative feature films, documentaries, comedy, shorts, animations, music videos, (all content must be of Christian & Inspirational genre that reflect faith, hope, motivational and positive images)

* All films must be submitted on DVD (Region 1 or multi-platform must be compatible with all DVD players). DVD-R or DVD+R, non-rewritable media should be used.

* Please provide two (2) DVD copies

* Films must have been completed no earlier than January 1,.

* Films must be available for screening during the festival, September.

* Each film should have a simple DVD menu with an icon to play the movie. (NO trailers or special introductions).

* Films produced, financed, or initiated by a major film studio are ineligible for competition.

* Open to any independent filmmaker who wishes to enter.

* By submitting a film to the MCIIFF, the filmmaker agrees to allow the film to be screened at the festival September Individual filmmakers are free to offer multiple submissions.

* Each submission must be accompanied by it’s own entrance fee and submission form.

* Selections will be based on excellence in their conformity to the criteria, categories, guidelines, and festival objectives.

* Filmmaker’s who have produced their film using 35mm composite condition, 16mm composite condition, Beta, or DIGI-Beta, must convert to the required DVD format listed above for screening at the MCIIFF.

* DVDs will not be returned under any circumstances. Receipt of films will be sent by e-mail correspondence.

* Application fee is NON-refundable.

* Filmmakers will be notified via e-mail by August 31, if their film will be screened at the MCIIFF.

* All entry lengths are calculated from black to black, and must include all opening and closing credits, logos, etc.

Dramatic Short Films - Video

Short films must be between four and fifty minutes in length.

Short films must be a complete story, not precluded to or excerpt of a longer work.


Documentaries must be between four and one hundred-twenty minutes in length.

Feature Film


Feature Films must be a minimum of 51 minutes in length. There is no maximum length requirement. Feature films must contain a single primary story. No anthology collections.

Questions or Concerns contact CLICK HERE SUBMISSION FORM